Kamran Farid

American Entrepreneur. Inventor. Philanthropist.

“It is an amazing thing to start with a concept, turn it into a successful small business model, and then repeat it around the world.”

– Kamran Farid




At seven years old, Kamran learned to ring the register in his family’s flower shop. By middle school, he was installing computer systems for other florists and training business owners three or four times his age. In his teens, he was also managing all the back-end operations for the technology company, that had grown to over a million dollars in annual sales. Although it wasn’t quite the typical childhood, Kamran was developing the roots of a great entrepreneur.

Beginning college, he co-founded Edible Arrangements®, the creators of fresh fruit bouquets and fruit hand dipped in gourmet chocolate. Over the next fifteen years, he was instrumental in growing the brand from one store in East Haven, Connecticut to over 1,300 stores in 14 countries and still growing strong. As a principal, Kamran helped drive his company’s global mission, and as the Chief Operating Officer, he built simple operational systems that delivered proven profitability for the franchisor and the franchisee. He established the highest level of product and service standards worldwide. He also specialized in the development of a robust global supply chain, which created a wide range of unique and innovative products.

Today, Kamran serves on the Edible Arrangements® Board of Directors, the Board at Southern Connecticut State University School of Business and the Advisory Board at Yale Cancer Center. His newest company, K Capital Group, invests in other entrepreneurs, helping their small businesses grow smarter. Through K Capital Group, Kamran Farid Foundation was developed in 2014 to help underprivileged people in the U.S. and overseas.


American Dream

A Tradition of Work; A History of Giving

“My family proves the American Dream is still possible. We’ve prospered in a
way we could not have done in any other country in the world. We did it by
working hard and by working smart, but also by the blessings of good fortune.
We have been blessed.”

– Kamran Farid

A Tradition of Work

When we arrived in the U.S. from Pakistan, my father worked three jobs to take care of his wife and six children. It was simply expected that we all pitch in because the focus was on our family’s survival.

I was diagnosed with leukemia, at the age of six. This was a difficult time for my entire family. Thankfully, from the excellent health care that I received, it saved my life. I knew from this very young age that life was precious and I was very fortunate.

My family continued to work hard. My father worked as a machinist and my mother, siblings and I, worked in the family flower shop. While in middle school, I worked with my older brother Tariq, installing point-of-sale systems for florists, for his computer business. By high school, the company had grown to over a million dollars in annual sales. It was sold in 1998, but there was no rest before our next fresh venture was to begin.

This time, instead of arranging bouquets of flowers, we began creating bouquets of fruit. The rapid growth of Edible Arrangements®, from a single store to a global operation, is now a well-known American franchise success story. After more than 15 years of leading major growth initiatives at Edible Arrangements®, I have gained deep experience in developing a franchise operation and in charitable giving.

At home and in business, I honor my family’s long tradition of taking care of those in need. My mother, Salma, inspired me through her endless examples of taking care of others, who were less fortunate. Through our charitable foundations, my own family can continue the Farid tradition of helping those in need. While, K Capital Group allows me to help other hard-working small business owners to obtain their own American dream.

Charitable Giving

The Kamran Farid Foundation, founded in 2014 by Kamran and his wife, continues their family tradition of charitable giving to help others dream the American way. The foundation identifies unmet and often unrecognized needs in communities around the world.  Kamran’s family is most passionate about creating support where none exists today and ensuring that it goes directly to those who need it most. They focus on:

Health & Wellness: Sharing access to nutritious food and establishing healthy eating habits

Education: Helping to provide a quality education for students of all ages

Sustainability: Supporting the long-term sustainability of communities around the world

Emergency Relief: Offering real-time relief for people impacted by natural disasters and other emergencies

Edible Cares™ Charitable giving is engrained in the Edible Arrangements® culture. Edible Cares™ represents the many ways in which franchisees give back to their communities including local sponsorships, donations, and fundraising. It’s also a way of helping support individual employees in need.

Growing Franchises

Growing (Up) Edible TM

Lessons Learned Building a Global Franchise

“We just wanted to open a store with a great product that people would love.”

– Kamran Farid

“We were only going to be as good as the people around us. So, we surrounded ourselves with amazing franchisees and employees. Without them, Edible Arrangements® would not be what it is today.”

– Kamran Farid

We didn’t start out with a master plan to build a global brand and we weren’t even familiar with franchising. We simply had a deep passion for the product, a commitment to our customers, and a never ending desire to re-invent ourselves. That’s all we needed to set off on an amazing journey.

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