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Co-Founder and President of the Khatoon Foundation
Father and Husband
Bicycle Instructor, Life Jacket Enforcer, Toy Car Racer
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When Kamran was three years old, his family emigrated from Pakistan to the United States, settling into Connecticut. His father worked three jobs and his mother dedicated her time to caring for their six children. Together, they worked hard to maintain a happy and stable life for their family.

When Kamran was six years old, he was diagnosed with Leukemia. His parents did everything they could to ensure he received the treatment he needed at Yale Cancer Center.  After a long and trying time, Kamran finally received a clean bill of health. To this day, he remains profoundly moved and grateful for the strength and compassion of his parents during this incredibly difficult time. He also serves on the Yale Cancer Center Advisory Board to support their incredible work.  

As they grew older, Kamran and his siblings quickly modeled their father’s work ethic, starting by delivering newspapers and shoveling driveways, followed by working at their family’s flower shop each day after school. The entrepreneurial spirit instilled in them since childhood eventually changed their lives drastically – Kamran, Tariq, and their brothers became the creators of Edible Arrangements – growing from a small shop in East Haven to over 1,300 stores in 14 countries.

Now, Kamran has opened a new chapter of his career with the creation of K Capital, a family fund. He channels the expertise and experience he has gained into investments – partnering with visionary entrepreneurs. 

Kamran’s true passion is philanthropy. He and Kara established the Khatoon Foundation in 2013, in honor of his mother, Salma Khatoon Farid.  Throughout Kamran’s childhood, even when their own family was struggling, his mother always set aside money and time to give back their communities in Connecticut and Pakistan. She has been the guiding light in Kamran and Kara’s philanthropic endeavors. Today, the Khatoon Foundation works collaboratively with communities all over the world, supporting local leaders, creating new opportunities, and working together to foster positive change. Kamran and Kara are passionate about helping families, women, and children however they can, from providing food and addressing basic needs to increasing access to education. In all areas of their work, they involve their family and their community, searching for ways to connect people with one another and encouraging others to lend their time, talent, and resources to important causes. 

Throughout Kamran’s business ventures and philanthropy, Kamran honors the hard work, dedication, and humility of his parents. They remain a driving force in his life today. 

Ghulam Farid and Salma Khatoon Farid, Kamran's parents.
Ghulam Farid and Salma Khatoon Farid, Kamran’s parents.